Sunday, 28 February 2010

Why I teach kids

I've been teaching kids for 13 years. About 5 years ago when I finished my Dip I quit my job at a small private language academy where I was responsible for teaching the majority of the very young learners. I swore that I would move into the world of adults. Less than two months later I found myself working as a language assistant in a state primary school. I tried to escape but couldn't. I guess they are my destiny!

I like teaching young kids because:

1. They know how to have fun.

2. They are motivated.

3. They are free to speak their minds ( on Friday one asked me if I was pregnant)

4. They are not afraid of making mistakes.

5. The little things in life excite them.

6. They make me laugh.

7. They never fail to surprise.

8. They bring out the child in me.

9. They are positive.

10. They make me smile even on a grey day.