Thursday, 25 March 2010

More from Howard Gardener

What most appealed to me when I first heard of Gardener´s MI theory was the way all children could be "smart". Whether they were "word smart" or "people smart". I loved the way the theory made it possible for all children to be some kind of "smart".

I have just read on Judie Hayne´s blog, that Howard has a new book out called Five Minds for The Future. According to Judie, Howard says the Five minds of The Future are:

* The Disciplinary Mind: The goal of schools can no longer be the memorization of an assortment of facts. Students need to learn to think across many disciplines (historical, mathematical, artistic, scientific) and to become experts in one discipline.

* The Synthesizing Mind: The ability to synthesize information has become more and more important. There is so much information available to students that is undigested and unevaluated. Students need to be able to synthesize the information that is available and communicate it to others.

The Creating Mind: This is the ability of a person to clarify new problems and come up with new solutions. The Creative Mind thinks outside the box and is not afraid to try new things and fail.

* The Respectful Mind is respectful of the differences among human beings. Diversity is a fact of life and we must go beyond mere tolerance to show our respect for others.

* The Ethical Mind demonstrates the ability to conceptualize oneself as a good worker and a good citizen. We must take our responsibilities in these two areas seriously.

He also talks about the importance of lifelong learning which is all the rage here in Spain at the moment with the introduction of the Key Competences. It looks like a good read. Thanks to Judie Haynes for bringing it to our attention!

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