Tuesday, 16 March 2010

TESOL Spain Convention 2010

I´ve just got back from the TESOL Spain convention. This year the convention was held in Lleida from the 12th to the 14th of March. It was my first year and there were many speakers to choose from covering a wide variety of topics and themes. It was a long journey from Fuerteventura but worth every minute!

My favourite speaker was Luke Prodromou whose talk was titled "Getting and Keeping Children´s attention". Luke´s talk was nothing less than inspiring. He spoke about the importance of a touch of "magic" in the classroom. The talk was packed with ideas and suggestions but my favourite was about "The Forest of Hands".

As teachers we ask children to put their hands up to answer a question right? Well, Luke said that when you think about it , it ´s not the most effective tool. Why? The same children always put their hands up. Some children never put their hands up and some children put their hands up even if they don´t know the answer to the question.

To solve the problem he wrote the names of the children in his class twice on small pieces of card and them plastified them. Next he cut them up and put them in his pocket. Then, instead of asking children to put their hands up to participate he simply slipped his hand into his pocket and took out a name card! I love the simplicity of this activity and the Magic.

Thanks Luke for a great idea!

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  1. I didn't go this year but next year's is in Madrid again so I will probably go. You should offer to do a talk or workshop, you have some great ideas. I'm thinking of trying to come with an interesting idea to present (although I would die having to talk in front of all thsoe professionals)Do you think it's a good idea?