Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Why children misbehave

There are many reasons for bad behaviour. Here are some of the most common ones. This list is based on my classroom experience. I am sure that you can think of other ones.

1. Children are bored.
2. Children are tired,hungry,sad, angry, thirsty....
3. Children find the work too easy or too difficult.
4. Children have problems at home.
5. Children have not bonded with the teacher.
6. Children want attention.
6. Children have low self-esteem.
7. Children are challenging the teacher.
8. Children have other learning difficulties.

Here are some possible solutions.

1. Try to include something FUN in every lesson.
2. Think about how you are going to group students.
3. Think about and plan how you are going to get students to move around the class.
4. Make sure your lessons have activities that calm as well as stir.
5. Have high expectations about behaviour and enforce classroom rules.
6. Praise students doing good things rather than calling attention to bad behaviour.
7. Try and make sure that you are relaxed, not tired or stressed when you go into the classroom ( I know easy to say!).
8. Remember that all children will behave badly at one time or another (just like adults).
9. Never give up and never lose your temper! (only in a controlled way)

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