Friday, 28 May 2010

Connect Four

In the last guest post that Alex Case of  TEFLtastic kindly posted for me, I talked about how some traditional board games can be exploited in the ELT classroom. This is another great activity to use in class. It was shown to me by friend Sally (thanks).

She got the original idea from You can play the game in pairs or in teams. The objective is to get four in a row. Each child takes a picture card and tries to find a place for it on the board which will help them make four in a row. 

Imagine you are revising animals and their habitats. You pick up an elephant. On the board, there is a square that says 'It's got four legs'. You can put the elephant on this square. The winner is the first child or group of children to get four in a row.

It's a nice game and the children really enjoy it. You could use it to work on:

  1. Physical descriptions
  2. Descriptions of clothing.
  3. Jobs.
  4. Descriptions of places in a town.
  5. Prepositions.


  1. I think you got mixed up about who the kind was! Looking forward to the next one

  2. Thanks Alex I'm waiting for inspiration!