Sunday, 16 May 2010

"Wolde you bothe eate your cake, and have your cake?"

According to Wikipedia as early as 1564 people could be accused as having or wanting more than they deserved or could handle. Last night I watched a film called 'Motherhood' I don't know how many of you have seen or heard of this film. So , let me just say that in its premiere weekend in the UK it grossed 88 quid! The film itself follows a day in the life of a mother who is preparing for her daughters' sixth birthday party. It's basically about a stressed out mother who is trying to cope with the demands of motherhood whilst writing her own blog and trying to write a piece for a competition which could win her a job as a paid author.

Let me say from the beginning, I'm not a mother but I have enormous respect for the 'job' it's without doubt one of the most difficult jobs and least recognised jobs out there. Although it may be deeply rewarding and deeply satisfying, to me from the outside it also looks extremely tiring and really, really difficult. What got me thinking about the film was a comment the actress wrote in her blog. She said something along the lines of why couldn't she be a wife and a mother and a successful writer? Well, this is where I got to thinking about life in general. Is it really possible to 'have it all'?

To me it's obvious, of course not!. I struggle with 4 dogs, 5 cats, 2 jobs, 1 boyfriend, friends ,family, cleaning the house, doing the washing and ironing, finding time for myself, and trying to write something worth reading. I cannot imagine the extra stress of being a 'mother'. So when we talk about 'glass ceelings' in TEFL for women I cannot sometimes help but think that maybe 'having your cake and wanting to eat it' may have something to do with it ?

How do you 'juggle' life, work, family and all the rest?

Thanks to : Kalinago English for the great series The She in ELT, the film ' Motherhood',  Jodi Picoult's book' Songs of the Humpback Whale' and many friends and family members who are mothers. To the men out there reading (if you are) I know your lives are difficult too !

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