Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A-Z Alphabet Video

Yesterday I saw this great video at a workshop given by Trevor Doble. My thanks to Trevor for passing this 'gem' along. It's a commercial for the Canadian shop Zellers. The music is really funky and it would be a great way of revising the alphabet and working on vocabulary. The video lasts only 33 seconds. Get the students in groups. Ask them to watch the video and write down as many words as possible. The group with the most wins. Lots of other possibilities, get your kids to make their own video with movie maker. There are loads of versions on u-tube as it was used as a competition for school kids in Canada.

The music is really catchy and I can't wait to use it!

Go to U- tube type in A to Zed Zellers


  1. Very cool! Great for older kids or adult beginners.

  2. Fun!
    Enjoyed watching this.


  3. Thanks Michelle and Karenne and thanks Trevor for passing it on.