Sunday, 27 June 2010

Pimp My Photo

School is out and I've set myself my summer homework so , as I was browsing old posts last night I stumbled on this 'gem' on  Janet's blog

I love it and it has great potential for the classroom. It's a website that lets you upload an image of your choice and make a magazine cover from it. Now many of you will have seen it but for those of you haven't  here it is!

Imagine the fun children and teens could have making up stories to go with the covers.

After 12 years of being just a 'girlfriend' Leahn's long time partner has shocked the whole world by proposing on one knee with a large diamond ring. Despite offering her a large diamond ring and fearing that she may be left alone with a large brood of animals, Leahn has chosen to decline the offer and therefore will never join the exclusive 'Brides' club'.

What fun! MagMyPic