Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Summer's Over

Tomorrow is my last day of freedom. I'm back at school in the morning along with many other teachers whose summer is officially over. I have to say that I'm not feeling particularly excited  but nor am I dreading it. The first couple of weeks at school here tends to be a bit of a disorganised mess. Highlighted by the fact that I don't actually know where I'll be teaching this year.

I had high hopes for my summer, some of which I've achieved and others not. I didn't manage to renovate the kitchen cabinet, or re-grout the patio tiles nor find endless resources for class on the net. I did however, manage to go to the beach, see some of the world windsurfing championship, have a few barbecues, take a few long siestas, walk the dogs and re-paint the garden walls. I worked enough to survive the summer (along with a hefty tax rebate) and I visited my parents in France.

Not bad I suppose. All in all it was a good summer free from the normal panic about finances and such things. Now I'm back and have endless things to do. I've joined the gym and I've decided to teach myself French so that should give me something to do in between classes.

Are YOU ready?