Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Higher or Lower? (Revison of Numbers for Children)

Yesterday, I played a game in class to practice numbers from 1-100. It’s an old favourite of mine. I played the game with a group of ten year olds. I can’t say that I invented it because I didn’t but I don’t remember where I found it either. It’s a simple way of revising numbers.

1. Write 1-100 on the board.
2. Draw an arrow pointing upwards and write higher next to it.
3. Drill the pronunciation of higher.
4. Draw an arrow pointing downwards and write lower next to it.
5. Drill pronunciation of lower.
6. Tell the children that you’re thinking of a number between 1- 100.
7. Write the number secretly on a piece of paper.
8. Ask for a volunteer to start.
9. The volunteer says the first number and you respond by saying higher or lower.
10. The game continues until the children guess the number correctly.

I like playing this game to revise numbers because it involves slightly higher order thinking skills than BINGO! It's not always easy for children of primary age to work out higher and lower values so this game helps with mathematical competence as well.


  1. Hi Leahn

    It's also good for making sure everyone is paying attention - if one student says 32 and you say higher, if another says 28 they weren't listening!

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Definitely.They really need to pay attention to their classmates if they want to win!