Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Teaching "Jolly Phonics" - Coral George

I'm pleased to host Coral George talking about how she started to teach the "Jolly" way. Coral is a "Jolly phonics" expert who is based in Segovia Spain. I saw her give a presentation at TESOL Spain and was amazed at the results of her phonics teaching with YLs. 

Thank you Coral for taking the time to share with us.

My adventure teaching "Jolly Phonics" started back in the year 2005, in Segovia, in the Ministry of Education/ British Council Bilingual Programme, where I worked for 11 years.

I describe myself as a normal classroom teacher who was amazed by the results of using Jolly Phonics with very young students, 3 to 5 years of age.

I simply started teaching sounds and blending and slowy I could observe how my students were able to read simple words like: bed, dog, hat, run... as I presented more sounds, digraphs, "ai, oa, th, sh. I was very surprised to hear my students read words like: rain, sheep, goat, this.... in perfect English pronunciation!!!!

I was also teaching Science and Geography...developing the Integrated Curriculum from the MEC/ British Council project, so my Synthetic Phonics lessons were only 10/15 minutes per session.

Then when I finished presenting the 42 sounds I started teaching "Tricky Words" (Not fully decodable) and here is were a magical world started, Spanish children reading English books independently, which I have never read before to them, with more than 100 words.......

I soon realised that they could also write without copying!!! because they had the letter-sound correspondance interiorised.

While I was teaching Jolly Phonics the Ministry of Education in UK. had not changed their policies, so now in restrospective, I know I was ahead of my time.

I informed the managers in the project about the results and since then I have been training Spanish teachers of English, British teachers in state, private schools, I also deliver training sessions at Teachers Centres, and I have organised "Jolly Phonics, Pilot Schools" all over Spain with great help from "Jolly Learning" in UK.

I have even founded a "JOLLY CENTRE" in Segovia where more than 40 young students come to learn how to pronounce, read and write in English and at the same time I hold teacher training events once a month.

During these five years, I have trained teachers in UK, Portugal, Italy, Lebanon, Egypt and last but not least Pakistan. I have had the great pleasure to meet the most amazing teachers who are always willing to teach their students the best. For more information check

The latest news is that "SUE LLOYD" will be training in SEGOVIA on November 20th, if anyone wishes to attend please check


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  1. Thanks for taking the time to write this post Coral. I'd really like to come to Segovia but time is a problem. Will we see you at TESOL Spain in March 2011?

  2. I've only just got round to reading this now. It's very informative, and I greatly admire your (Carol's) career progression.

  3. (sorry, I spelled her name wrong)