Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Directions

The year's just about done and dusted and the new one is fast approaching. It's time for some reflection. In May I posted some thoughts called Back-Up Plan inspired by Alex Case over at TEFLtastic

Now, I'm not the most original of thinkers. This post is inspired by something that Jason Renshaw said in a comment about Back Up Plan (Thank you). Jason pointed out that  whilst back up plans are one thing, using what you know and creating new directions are another

So the new year is looming and I think it's time for just that!.In my search for continuous development and improvement. I've narrowed down my attempt to create some new directions for 2011 to just three.

1) MA Time - Inspired by people in my PLN such as Dave Dodgson with his helpful MA reflections .  I've all but decided that it's time to take the plunge and do my MA. Originally I wanted to do an MA focused on Young Learners at York University but it's too expensive. 

The reality of in ELTing around the world means that even after doing my MA , I won't be earning much more money afterwards so, it has to be affordable. Luckily the Dip gives you 60 credits with many universities so, I've saved some money already (using what I have and what I know) Yippee... just have to save about 5,000 euros and I'll make it!

2) Cambridge Examiner - My next plan to make more cash (which I'll need to pay for the MA) and to spread my wings and learn something new, is to become an examiner for Cambridge. This would be both really interesting and a great personal challenge. The problem is that it's proving very difficult. There seems to be a bit of a monopoly by  existing examiners around my neck of the woods. I'm thinking of offering my services free of charge just to get some experience. Does anyone know anything about becoming an examiner for Cambridge?

3) CLIL Specialist - Finally I've decided that in Spain, CLIL is gaining in popularity and is worth investing time and money in. So, I'm on the lookout for CLIL courses online to help me get closer to my goal. Anyone know of anything good out there?

The list is short, and my hopes are high! Lets see what happens in 2011. 

If you don't try you'll never know. Anyone else trying new directions for 2011?


  1. Hi Leahn

    Well done you for identifying your needs and wishes so perfectly. One of my favourite quotes is "Don't just dream it. Do it!" It's stood me in good stead over the years and I am sure it will work for you. You are young and your whole life is ahead of you to do whatever your heart wants and .tells you to do.

    Best of luck for the New Year and may all your dreams come true! Have a fun-filled 2011.

    Best wishes from Janet & furkids in Abruzzo

  2. Hi Leahn,

    I'm also interested in doing some training on CLIL. I did a sample module on the British Council Website and there are two further sample units you can do. Take a look at them here:

    I'm not sure if the full course is available yet or how much it is, but I think it could be quite useful. If you decide to give it a go, let me know.

    Hope you had a good Christmas. Happy New Year!

  3. I hear you with regards to the MA situation. It's been on my mind for years. Mine is not only a question of affordability, but time. How can one teach full-time, work on freelance stuff, sit on exec boards and committees and do an MA? Likely they can't. I may just have to make a difficult choice.

    Good luck with your choices. :)

  4. Hi Tyson,

    I was watching some film last night and they said that 'someday' usually means 'never' I really don't want my MA to be a 'someday' thing. I know if I announce it to the world so to speak it will give me the push I need.

    If not, I'll keep putting it off. I know what you mean about time. I suppose something will suffer at the hands of my decision but it's now or never so to speak.

    Good luck with your choice and thanks for taking the time to stop by reading and commenting.



  5. Ah! HERE you are!
    Like the resolutions - or rather New Directions. Has made me wonder what mine are. Will get back to you when they have crystallised.

  6. Hi Candy,

    Yes this is where I've been hiding. Nice to see you here. Good luck with yours. Mine are proving challenging!