Thursday, 20 January 2011

Tried and Tested Drawing Activity for Young Learners

I've just taken this picture on the kitchen floor. Sorry but if I wait until tomorrow I'll never make my 4 posts a month quota! I hope that you can make out the picture. I was kindly given permission to use it by one of my students in primary.

This is a really simple but highly adaptable  controlled practice activity that most children really enjoy. Quite simply take a piece of paper show the children how to fold it into 4 or 6. It depends on you. Next get them to number the boxes 1-4 or 1-6. Now you're ready to draw.

Today I chose to write the first two sentences on the board. I wrote:
1. There are toilets next to a ticket office.
2. There's a bookshop next to a picnic area.

For the third and fourth pictures I asked for a volunteer to say a sentence and I wrote it on the board.

3. There are stables behind the gardens.
4. There's a gift shop behind the snack bar.

 The vocabulary  and the prepositions were taken directly from a unit in their course book as was the structure There is..... and There are....

Possible Activities

1. Listening comprehension - Listen  to the teacher and draw.
2. Reading comprehension - Read what the teacher writes on the board and draw.
3. Listening Comprehension - Listen to your classmates and draw.
4. Reading Comprehension - Students write sentences on the board and classmates draw.

Follow Up Activities
1. Get children to work in pairs. Cut up the pictures. Turn all the pictures upside. Mix them up and play a game of pelmanism. 
2. Bingo. Cut up the cards and play bingo. 
3. Get the children to write the sentences on the back of each square.
4. Rather than doing the activity as a whole class activity put the children in pairs and get one of them to tell the other what they have to draw.

Simple Activity

1. For younger primary students it could be used to simply recycle vocabulary followed up by a colouring dictation.

Hope this make sense and is of use to someone out there!