Monday, 7 February 2011

Nothing to do with ELTing - A draining Affair

The crisis is having a terrible effect on many families.  Animal charities  are also being hit hard. There's less money to go around and so donations are fewer and far between.

I used to work as a volunteer for a neuter and release cat charity. I did it for four years. I lived with my partner in a house with about 40 cats. Yes, it's true. 

The cats weren't the problem. It was the people. The people who didn't want to pay to sterilise their cats or dogs. The people who didn't want their cat or dog anymore because it peed or it was too big, too small, too noisy, or too much work. It was the people who thought it was okay to dump animals in the rubbish, or leave them tied somewhere.

After four years I quit. I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't listen to the stories or the excuses. I closed my eyes and moved out. I decided that it was better to take my own animals and move on. It was so hard to change people's attitudes towards animals here in the Canaries.

It left me disheartened and exhausted.

I still do a bit of voluntary work from time to time. I've got six cats and three dogs of my own so that keeps me quite busy.

There are so many individuals and charities out there that try and make a difference.

Here are a couple that work on the island where I live.

I'm sure there are some near you!

Twinkle Trust Animal Aid


To all the volunteers out there KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!.

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