Monday, 21 February 2011

Old Mc Donald - Content with Young Learners

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The story/song Old McDonald is a fantastic way to introduce content with YLs. Today I  used it in class with a group of 6-7 year olds. I drew a farm on the blackboard and elicited as I went.I asked them who lives on a farm and introduced them to the character Old Mc Donald with a flashcard. I then got them to close their eyes, when their eyes were closed, I put on my Old McDonald hat which brought on fits of giggles

After the giggling subsided I got them all sitting on the floor and sang the song and showed them the book simultaneously. After the first round I ask them to help me with the E-i E-i-O bits and the animal noises. I gave them the chance to put on the hat and take the part of Old McDonald, (this led to more laughter) and we sang a bit more.

The next step was to introduce the concept of domestic animals, then I showed them some plastic animals and asked if they live on a farm. Slowly, we made the distinction between domestic and wild animals. There are lots of other concepts that you can teach such as herbivore,carnivore and oviparous and viviparous using the book. Here are some links from the British Council :


  1. Can we see you in your hat? That would be nice. I'm sure they had great fun.

  2. Be careful what you ask for, the photo will be up soon!