Saturday, 6 August 2011

Work/Life Balance

This is a post I wrote back in February. I didn't post it then. It seems the right time now, as I've not been here for a while. I'd love to say that it's because I've been writing a book or taking part in an International conference but nothing so grand as that only the beach.

Life is a balancing act it seems. Last night after dinner whilst my boyfriend was watching football , I sat in the kitchen cutting up and laminating things for the class. I was quite content as he walked by, patting me on the head ,which I took to mean either poor thing or you're mad!

It's not the first time someone has given me that look. I know as far as my efforts blogging are concerned there are a whole host of people who think that I'm wasting my time and that it could be better spent on other things.

I wrote a book review recently and I was given the same pitying looks. Like what is she doing. The looks grew even more pitying when I informed people that NO I wasn't getting paid for this. 
I enjoy my job. One of the best lessons in life that my own parents taught me was "if you're going to do a job, whatever job, do it to the best of your abilities" . I've applied this to all of my jobs even when I worked in Burger King as a student I took it seriously. My counter service time was fast!

All joking apart. I'm a teacher and as a teacher I have a duty to my students to do my best which I try and do. Sometimes I spend more time planning than others but my guding principle, is that which my parents installed in me as a child.

Commitment to professional development is part of this and increasing my knowledge by following blogs and by joining in with #ELTchats on twitter are ways that I can try to be as "good" a teacher as I can be.

Work is important but so is play and I make sure that I get my own free time whether it's to go riding, to the beach, to the pool or just to lie around and read a book. I find time for myself!

Hopefully this explains my lack of blogging here. I've been at the beach! I'm still reading blogs and trying to make it to #ELTchat but that's all, at the moment. Next week, I'm painting the house and the shed, so I don't expect to be back until September.

If you're on holiday enjoy it!

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