Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Great Ideas for Lessons about Dreams

I saw a nifty tech tool over on Paul Braddock's blog the other day, which got me thinking about a lesson I did last year on DREAMS with a group of Upper Intermediate adults. Here are a list of links and ideas from other people that I've used in some way to create great lessons.

Many thanks to the authors for their inspiring lesson plans. Some of you may be familair with these lessons but if you're not, they're a great addition to your teaching tool kit.

The first one is a real favourite of mine. It's a lesson plan by Jamie Keddie for Elementary/Pre-Intermediate Ss, but I've used it successfully with Upper Intermediate classes.You can find the lesson plan here: A Dream Sequence . I love the way Jamie combines Teacher Talk and drawing in this lesson. I've included the song and the lyrics below.

The second lesson is also based on a song I love. It's taken from the show Les Miserables and I found a great lesson plan over on Karrenne Sylvester's blog to go with it. Just click on this link to see the lesson plan.  Susan Boyle.

The final lesson plan comes from the archives of  One Stop English by Renee G. La Rue . You can find it here Dreams . I used the two poems in a student led pairs dictagloss activity.

Thanks to all of the authors for their great ideas and generosity in sharing their lesson plans!


  1. loved the song... keep going :)

  2. Hi Ola,

    I'm glad you liked it!

    Thanks for leaving a comment, It's great to know someone is reading!

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