Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My Latest Excuse for NOT Blogging

These little monsters are my latest excuse for NOT blogging! I found them dumped at the rubbish bins in my village. There are times when polite words fail me. They're as ugly as sin, but I love them already. Now, the search for a forever home begins.


  1. Such a shame! The poor things. They're lucky you found them, I hope you manage to get them a good home.

  2. What cuties! At least you have a valid and interesting excuse for not blogging, mine is the typical "too much work".

  3. I agree with T - this is a great reason. Give them a pat from me.

  4. Hi everyone,

    The puppies say "Hola". I've given them a pat from you Alan and sent greetings from the rest of you.

    They're eating well and they're really quite sweet despite the fact the look like TROLLS !

    My dogs hate them!
    I could FEDEX one to Germany Karenne.